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Dust Warfare Core Rulebook

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Another Earth. A different 1947. The Second World War has raged for nearly a decade and its grip has spread to every continent on the planet. Entire nations have been stamped out, whole peoples subjugated, and great cities beaten flat by the titanic conflicts unleashed across the globe. Three monolithic power blocs have emerged from the threats, machinations, diplomacy, and outright conquests perpetrated by the major nations’ strife. For some, that victory means conquest, glory, and world domination; for others, freedom – but few now talk of simple peace. This is the world of Dust.

Dust Warfare, an innovative tabletop game of strategic battles. Players control heroes, squads, and fearsome combat walkers as they battle for the fate of the world. The Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook integrates dynamic and engaging new gameplay with the models from Dust Tactics.

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  • Model: FFGDWF01
  • Manufactured by: Fantasy Flight