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Dreadball Xtreme Board Game

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Before the bright lights. Before the DGB, corporate sponsorship and the bright lights of the neodurium stadiums, there was a deadly sport played in abandoned warehouses, ships holds and any other space large enough. Now those days are long since past, or so the Corporations would like you to believe...

Journey into the forbdding underworld of DreadBall Xtreme - a game where scoring points isn't the only way of winning! Convicts and psychopaths rub shoulders with aliens and bounty hunters, and that's just the sponsors! Desperate players clash over makeshift pitches in dark corners of the GCPS, vaulting obstacles and dodging booby-traps as they vie for the victory in a game with very few rules and only one real certainty - there will be blood, and lots of it!

DreadBall Xtreme is a tabletop board game for two players, representing the violent underground sport known as DreadBall Xtreme. Two teams clash over a cobbled-together play area, seeking as much to wipe each other out as to score points! Pick a coach, assemble your team of desperadoes, and unleash them on each other to see who will be the last one standing!

- 48-page Full Colour Rulebook
- Plastic Convict Team: 8 Players and 2 Prone Figures
- Plastic Asterian Kalyshi Team: 8 Players and 2 Prone Figures
- Plastic Free Agents: 9 Players
- Plastic Blaine Sponsor

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  • Model: MGDBX01-1
  • Manufactured by: Mantic Games